the nail files: sugar & spice

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It's been a crazy week in the Happypants Household, but I was still able to do my nails. Shocker, I know. Haha!

I started with two coats of Wild Wisteria on my thumb, pointer, and pinky finger, while my middle and ring finger got two coats of Oxygen. To finish off my thumb, pointer, and pinky finger, I added a big circular piece holo glitter from I Snow You Love Me. 

My middle and ring finger required a bit more effort to create the glitter fade. On the top third of each nail, I did one coat of Sparkle and Snowflake. With the silver Rite Stripe, I dabbed on silver glitter along the bottom of Skarkle and Snowflake and down a little, so it didn't look like a solid glitter line. I added two rows of overlapping big circular holo glitters from I Snow You Love Me and then used the smaller hex holo glitters from Techno to fade towards the bottom of each nail. 

I think it's a perfect mix of sassy and sweet, hence the name of this post. The light pink and holo glitter is so princessy that I think it'd be too much with every finger. Not that I'm every scared of "too much," of course. Haha! But having the super dark purple as a contrast makes it work even better, I think. And man, when the sun hits the holo glitter, BLAMMO! Haha!

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the nail files: shark attack!

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This week, I was challenged by the awesome Daniela, to do this:

I'm not super into Shark Week, but I am into themes, so I decided to give it a go. And it turned out pretty well, I think! Yay!

And here's Chompers! (Hahaha, of course I named him.)

For the Seascape:

I started with one coat of I Sea the Point on my pointer, ring, and pinky finger, while my thumb got two coats. Using a triangular makeup sponge, I painted a stripe of Paper Mache with a stripe of I Sea the Point below, and then sponged it (happy, Bailey? Haha!) onto my pointer, ring, and pinky finger. It still wasn't quite opaque though, so I did two coats of the sponge. Then I did a coat of quick-dry top coat, to seal it.

With a narrow nail art brush, I painted random squiggles for waves with Margritte's Masterpiece and Wait N' Sea. The birds were done with the black Stripe Rite, and the shark fin used avenue maintain, with some highlighting from OPI's I Want to be A-Lone Star (not pictured).  

For the Shark:

No base colour, only clear base coat. With the brush from avenue maintain, I made a rounded triangle for the shark head. Then, I used Dance Baby for the inside of the mouth, and went over the outline with white Stripe Site, making small triangles and then filling them in, for the teeth. Two black dots for eyes finished it all off. 

This mani was a lot of fun to do, so thanks for the challenge, Daniela! And what do you think, did I nail it? Haha!

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book review: between

If you follow Megan Whitmer on Twitter (which you totally should) then you know she’s one of the funniest gals out there. So when she announced the release of her debut novel, BETWEEN, I just knew that I’d have to read it. And holy sheet, am I ever glad I did.


The story starts right away, which is always great, and soon, I was introduced to the Between—a place that’s between the mortal world and the magical realm. Megan was super freaking smart to make her MC, Charlie, an artist, because her artist’s perspective was perfect for describing both the Between, and Ellauria, the magical realm. The details filled my imagination, yet didn’t make me work for the imagery, which is the ultimate best kind of world building, in my opinion. Not because I’m lazy of course, but sometimes, too much description of a new world can stop the plot dead in its tracks. But that wasn’t the case in BETWEEN. Like, at all. In fact, the plot raced through each chapter, and oh what a plot it was! But I'm not going to tell you much about that because it's better you read it for yourself. You're welcome. 

Also? Yes, I really meant to write “sheet,” in the first paragraph of this review because it’s one of my new favourite non-swears, which often leaves the lips of one of the snarkiest and most relatable female heroines I’ve ever read. Is it weird that I saw some of myself in Charlie, who’s a 17-year old mystical being? Probably. But I don’t care. Because she’s awesome. (Yes, I’m aware that by that, I’m also describing myself as awesome. Take it as you will, ha!)

Charlie’s internal narrative was ducking hilarious, and it had me laughing out loud more than once. If only I could be as witty. Seriously. Like you know when, in real life, you think of an awesome retort hours, days, or even weeks later? That’s basically how Charlie speaks and thinks ALL THE TIME. And the creative non-swearing was not only placed in the most perfect of places, but it added an extra element that’s uniquely Megan (as I read on her blog once that she purposefully didn’t want profanity in her book.). That small and consistent bit of voice really added to the overall vibe. So Megan gets some props for that.

I’m slightly bummed that there was the still-creepy-and-will-always-be-creepy age difference between Charlie and Seth (her neighbour-turned-mentor), but thankfully, Charlie had some flirtatious moments with a boy who was more age-appropriate, and I enjoyed those awkwardly charged moments immensely.

So if you’re a fan of YA fantasy, you’re absolutely going to want to pick up a copy of BETWEEN. There’s magic, killer dialogue, amazing one-liners, and enough chaos to keep you turning the pages, which is why I read it in one sitting even though I had a ton of other stuff to do.

So go out and get it, people! Go out and get it now!


the nail files: neon + rhinestones = love!

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This week, I found inspiration in my overly rhinestoned jewellery collection.

To start, I did two coats of Paper Mache on every finger. When that was dry, I applied two coats of Celtic Sun to my thumb and ring finger, and two coats of set in stones to my pointer finger.

When the coloured and sparkly coats were dry, I got out my rhinestones and picked out three sizes of leaves. Arranging them like the rhinestones in the necklace, I applied them with the smallest first, at the base of my nail, and worked upwards. The squares on my thumb are all the same size, so I didn't have to worry about how they'd go down, and just placed them in the middle of my nail. 

A thick coat of top coat sealed everything, and after six days, the mani was still completely intact! I was amazed, considering how many rhinestones I had going on, but that top coat really kept them secure. Yay!

I really love the brightness of Celtic Sun and can you ever go wrong with rhinestones? Of course not. #alltherhinestones Haha! I think my pointer finger, with set in stones, is an excellent supporting feature finger, and it balances the sparkle-ness pretty well. Yay for fun jewellery that also makes for a fun mani! Woot woot!!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! And don't forget to link up to show off your pretties!


minus 100 husband points

I hate washing dishes. But who doesn’t, right? The rubber gloves that make your hands smell funny afterwards; leftover bits of crusted grossness that you need a knife to chisel away; the devastation that comes from seeing your ruined manicure despite wearing the previously referred to smelly rubber gloves…all of it is just the pits. The PITS, I tell you! And when those dirty dishes have absolutely nothing to do with me? Well, it’s enough to send me right off a cliff…of sanity.

Over the years, The Remix and I have tried to work out a deal, due to my extreme loathing of washing dishes, wherein I take the lead on communally dirtied dishes, while he is solely responsible for the Tupperware and other containers he uses for lunch. Seems fair, in theory, but in reality, I end up washing his lunch dishes because I can’t handle the giant pile that accumulates next to the sink. 

But then, just when I’d accepted that marriage is about compromise and it really isn’t a big deal to wash a few more dishes even though they wouldn’t have existed if I lived alone, The Remix brought home this:

At first, I was all: That’s hilarious! I mean, it’s a ceramic version of a paper Timmie’s cup!

And they even included the top that looks like the plastic one, only in silicone. Hahaha! Well done, Timmies. Well done.

But then he said that it had to be hand washed. As in, it could never go in the dishwasher. EVER.

Now, we all know where this is going, right? Of course you do. Because it’s obvious. The day The Remix brought home that mug was the exact same day I washed it for the first time…which then inevitably led to me washing it on at least weekly basis, for the last year and a half. So imagine my surprise when, just recently, The Remix turned the mug upside down and took a close look at the bottom…

What the WHAT?! I've been washing this stupid mug BY HAND, FOR YEARS, and the whole time, it could have gone into the dishwasher?!?

He’s lucky he’s so awesome in every other area or I would have been calling a lawyer. Haha! But seriously. I thought I was going to explode when he read that. Oh the time I have wasted and the manis I have ruined, washing that freaking mug! So, naturally, his significant blunder resulted in a deduction of 100 husband points. He was sad, of course, but then I reminded him that I could have taken them all away because it was THAT BIG OF A BLUNDER, and he felt better after that. Haha!

Lesson learned?

Double-check all the potentially un-dishasherable products The Remix brings into the house. And by that, I mean reading any and all words, on any and all sides of all supposedly un-dishwasherable products.


the nail files: whatta stud

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This week, inspiration came from Miss Pop Nails' Instagram account.

Here's what I did!

For the base coat, I used two coats of Paper Mache. When that was dry (read: the next morning), I used semi-circle and simple chevron stickers to map out where Celtic Sun, Shocking Pink, and At Vase Value would go. Then, with a small, flat nail art brush, I applied all of the colours--two quick coats--and then peeled off the stickers.

 As usual, there was bleeding (*shakes fist*), but I managed to clean most of it up with a narrow nail art brush and some acetone. I sealed it all with a coat of quick dry top coat (HK Girl's Glisten and Glow for those who are interested, haha!).

It was still missing something, though, so I added two studs to the fingers with Shocking Pink.

I love how, when I'm inside, Celtic Sun is all: Hey, I'm neon yellow! But the second I step outside, it's all: HEY! I'M NEON YELLOW! LOOKATMELOOKATMELOOKATME! Haha! I love all the different shapes going on in this mani and the yellow really does make it all pop.

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the nail files: the black pearl (but with less pirates)

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Hello Lovelies! Thanks for coming by for the nail files! YAY FOR NAILS!

This week, I worked with some new goodies that arrived in my mailbox. I recently went on an eBay binge and the latest package included three different patterns of nail strips. I decided to try the simple chevrons and although there were some technical issues, they worked out pretty well. 

 Black rhinestones and wide chevron strips.

For the bases, there are two coats of the magnificent Lissa (seriously, I can't even talk about this teal) on all fingers but my pointer, which has one coat of Paper Mache. When my ring finger was very dry, I stuck on three simple chevron stickers and smoothed them down as best I could before applying two coats of Paper Mache (to really cover up Lissa, although it pains me to write that because it's the best teal ever, ha). I let that dry for a while and then added a coat of Sea Temptress to it, and my pointer finger. 

When Sea Temptress was dry, I peeled off the stickers and put on a good layer of top coat. The polish bled a little, but I blame the strips, not the polish. They're just so freaking thick! Why don't nail strip designer people use a different medium? The thickness of the sticker creates a literal wall of polish,  so even if you meticulously apply it along the borders, it still collects and takes FOREVER to dry. And when you peel it off, it almost always bleeds!! Why, nail strip designers, WHYYYYYYY?

*takes deep breath*

Okay, I'm better now. 


After the strips were, well...stripped, I sealed it all under top coat, and then, when it was dry, applied the black pearls. (Truth time, they're actually rhinestones, but when I covered them with top coat, they lost their reflectiveness and thusly became more pearl-like. Ha!) I put three on my ring finger, and then one on my pointer finger. 

I've gotta say that Sea Temptress is prettier than I gave it credit for, in the bottle. The pearl shine is lovely and although I'm not totally sure that the small circular glitter pieces create a "mermaid tail" look, it's very pretty nonetheless. And overall, I love how it looks with Lissa (which I'm sure you're shocked about because I've only mentioned it twice in this post that I'm obsessed with the colour, ha!). The simple chevron stripes make for a great feature finger, as well. Almost like a fishtail, don't you think?

So what are you rocking this week? Link up and show them off! Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


the time i met gavin degraw (and then may have cried)

Last Wednesday, my pal, Allie Bee, and I went to see Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson. 

Wait, what's that you're saying? Didn't Allie and me just seen Gavin DeGraw a few months ago? Well, yes. Yes we did. And it was after that concert that we decided to get tickets for this one because he was that freaking good. Even better than the very first time I saw him, about a hundred years ago when One Tree Hill was all the rage. Haha!

So, off to Ticketmaster, we went.

Now, when we first got the tickets, we thought the start time had to be a mistake. Because, you know, what concert starts at 6:00PM on a Wednesday? Without consulting anyone but ourselves, we decided that getting there at 6 was crazy, so we planned to arrive around 8. But then, thankfully, we told our plan to another pal who was all: DON'T DO THAT! I DID THAT ONCE AND I MISSED THE WHOLE CONCERT! And since this particular pal is late for everything, we took her on-time warning seriously. And it was a good thing we did because when we arrived at 7, the opening act was already finished and Gavin was setting up. If we'd gotten there at 8, we would have missed the whole thing!!

So thanks, other pal! Haha!

Here are some pics I took of what could arguably be called the Best Gavin Concert Ever (for reasons you have probably already suspected, considering the title of this post).

 For the record, in my iTunes playlist, his name is Gavin My Piano Lover. And no, I'm not kidding. Ha!

 I love this shot so, so, so much. 

Holy guacamole, did I ever dance up a storm. 

Just nearing the end of his set (like, 30 seconds), Allie Bee and I decided to hit up the washrooms, knowing that the second he finished, the line would be 100 ladies deep. We scuttled off to the side of the venue and, sure enough, when we got out, there were a whole whack of ladies waiting. Score!

We headed outside for some air, which is when the most amazing thing happened.

We noticed a cluster of people in a corner of the patio and then realized it was Gavin! He has VIP tickets you can buy to meet him after his shows, but for the extra $100, it just wasn't in the budget, so you can imagine how excited we got (okay, so it was mostly me who was losing her mind).

Side Story: Not three hours earlier, we were chatting with the awesome Daniela, and told her that we unequivocally wouldn't want to meet him. I've had brief brushes with singers before and it's just THE WORST when they end up being bad humans. You know, like using offensive language or being stuck-up, and since I love Gavin way too much to risk never being able to listen to his music again should he turn out to be awful, meeting him was something I never wanted to do.

That is, of course, until the opportunity presented itself. Haha!

Anyway, so I ran over to try and get close, but there were too many people and it wasn't really working out. I turned away, slightly disappointed, which is when little Allie Bee caught my eye and waved me over to where she was standing--along the fence that Gavin was working down!


Many very pretty and groupie-ish women later, he was actually in front of us. I'll keep it real and say that I don't totally remember what I said, but I'm pretty sure that he called me "darling," and he shook my hand, which I didn't even care about despite it being covered in random stranger germs. 

And then we took this picture! Eeeee!!

It's a little fuzzy, but one could argue that it's due to my jittery excitement. Ha!

He left after that, so we were seriously lucky to be the last ones. And then I may have had a mini cry in the corner because I was so overwhelmed. 

After all that delirium, it was time for Matt Nathanson, who was probably one of the best performers I've ever seen. I felt a bit bad because the crowd had thinned out, but Matt still put on a fantastic show. He has a few hits, which he saved for the end, but even so, we had an awesome time. He even came out into the crowd--all the way to the back! And the best thing about him is that he mixed other songs in with his own. He even included Fancy and You're The One That I Want! Awesome!

At first, I was all: Is he really wearing his own concert tee? What the what? But then he peeled it off and threw it into the crowd, making it way less creepy and way more awesome. Ha!

 So if you have a chance to get tickets for any of their remaining summer shows, DO IT! Who knows, maybe you'll even meet them!

But, uh, if the tickets say the show starts at 6, then you should probably get there on time. Haha!


the nail files: everyone's dotting it (okay maybe just me)

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So my obsession of putting hex glitter in dots continues, only this time, I upped my dot game. Haha!

For the non-feature fingers, I did two coats of I Sea The Point, which reminds me a lot of a lighter Finger Paints' Margritte's Masterpiece. The coverage was amazing and smooth, so if you have a chance to pick up a bottle before it's gone, I highly recommend it!

The feature fingers were a little more complicated. Uh, obviously. Haha! To start, I did two coats of Blu. Then, I added the dots with a large-sized dotting tool and Paper Mache. Doing so many rows of dots can be a bit of a challenge, but I find it easiest to start with a dot in the direct centre of my nail and then go up and down. That way, everything lines up. In theory, anyway. Haha! Once the dots were dry, I picked up one hex bit of all three colours in Don't Be a Flake and put them on the middle three dots. 

I'm pretty sure that I'll be into this style for a while to come, and it's been fun coming up with different ways to use the same technique. HEX GLITTER AND DOTS FOR EVERYONE! Haha!

What have you been wearing this week? Link up and show them off!