Not quite a Nature Lover yet

It's such a beautiful day today - 22 degrees with just enough clouds in the sky for daydreaming, I decided to get out my painting supplies and head outside. It took about 2 minutes for my first mosquito bite, then a huge ant ran over my foot and a spider ran across my canvas. To be fair, I did set up in the thick of the forest, but I didn't think I'd get bug attacked quite so quickly. After 40 minutes or so, I gave up and came inside again.

I wish that nature would just leave me alone...haha! I also had to kill a pretty big spider last night. Luckily, we have fly swatters all over the house, so you're never far from a weapon. I would love to be one of those people who aren't bugged by bugs, but I can't ignore something buzzing around my head or crawling on my skin. The painting looks good so far though. I'm trying a new technique and it seems to be working out so far.

I really like painting. It's relaxing and fun at the same time. I need to get an outfit going though. Something white that I can cover with splatter. And a hat of some kind as well. I found a hat that I really liked the other day at Le Chateau but it was $80! When did that place get so expensive? Insane.


On The Mend

Boohya! First night's sleep that I didn't sound like a Gurgle Pot! I guess the antibiotics were the difference after all. I'm excited that I can breathe into the bottom of my lungs again. Yesterday wasn't too bad with all my craziness either. It's so much better when I'm not alone all day! It was so nice out too - today it looks like it's going to rain, which sucks because I wanted my laundry to smell like outside. That clothesline is just the best!


Great Point

DISCLAIMER: This is a slightly political post...you've been warned.

Was listening to Rosie Radio (Rosie O'Donnell's Sirius radio show) and she quoted some guy's blog about the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

There was a point that I'd never heard articulated so well before.

How can we expect people to go off to war, fighting for the freedom of citizens,and not grant them the basic freedom of publicly being who they are. Why fight for a country that doesn't consider you an equal part of its society? Furthermore, how can you expect soldiers to go into a foreign country and establish new governments (or defend existing ones) that discriminate against, or simply criminalize any form of sexuality that isn't heterosexual? It's simply insane. A non heterosexual person can give their life in defense of a country that would ignore their widowed partner's and children's rights to benefits that would be absolute in a "mommy & daddy" situation. Dishonerable discharge for those who authentically live their lives. Bullshit.

The blogger also suggested that every homosexual military-person go on strike. When the numbers are down in military establishments, as they are now anyway, removing an entire population of people could cripple the system.

Then what, bitches?!

A person is a person is a person. Period.

I'm Canadian (and although some feel that we're more liberal; we're not) and it wasn't too long ago that Chinese immigrant workers, women, members of the First Nations, and a few other groups, didn't hold full rights under the law. My hope is that we will soon look back at our blatant discrimination against those who just want to love another person, with the same sentiment (although who knows what cause the 'right' will take up after those rights are established).

Also - this repeal just means that things would go back to the way they were before, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and that wasn't so pretty either.

Just pony-up and stop being so hateful. Think about the time you'd save! Think about the stress-level! If you can't do it for others, just do it for yourself!

I promise you'll sleep better.

New Career Path

So I would like to know how you get a "colour-namer" job. I don't really care if it's wall paint, nail polish, or eyeshadow. I would like to take a new shade of yellow and call it, 'Highlight My Life' or a dark shade of blue as, 'Hunt for Blue October.'

That would be a really fun job.

Tiny Sandwiches

Ok. So the next time I make bread, I'm going to make teeny-tiny buns. I've made tiny buns before, but now I'm going to make meat-ball sized dough balls and see much bigger they actually get.

Then, I'm going to have teeny-tiny peanut butter sandwiches. Some with raspberry jam, some with strawberry, and some with honey.

Oh, and some without peanut butter but with nutella.

What would also be good is that amazing Bourskin cheese with some pepperoni.

Here's the great thing about this plan. Because the buns will be so small, I could almost have one of each.

I just remembered that I forgot to buy yeast yesterday. Balls. Although - now I have an excuse for a field-trip with Marc! I love field-trips with him. He's fun.

That also reminds me of Dwight's whole speech about yeast infections....I'm so going to find that episode. Or any episode from Season 3.

Dear Pizza Delight:

I love that you've decided to sell your delicious garlic fingers frozen. However, why you didn't include donair sauce? They just aren't the same.

It's like peanut butter and jelly. Well, not really as either one is OK alone.

So it's more like just a hamburger. It's all right without cheese, but it's much better with it.

Like, you're a 7 without the sauce, but a solid 10 with it. Yeah - that's what I'm talking about.


I learned a new word.

Cashier: "Wow man, you look like you got some sun!"

Dude in front of me: "Yeah. My face hurts a little. I was outside-ing all day yesterday."

Cashier: "Oh, do you mean you were siding a house?"

Dude in front of me: "No," pause, "I was outside-ing all day on my bike."

out·sid·ing [v. out-sahyd-ing]

1. The act of a person who participates in any outdoor activity?

Dear Bell:

There's a thunderstorm happening right now. It's really intense.

The good news is that since we ditched you, I'm able to watch my Oprah and write this post because we still have service.

You really can't get it together, can you?

ps. Rogers - don't ever leave me again.

Dear Nature:

What the heck are you feeding the animals here? It's like the Texas of the North...everything is bigger!

I just saw a fox the size of a Golden Lab in our front yard!

Also, why don't the woodland creatures here run away when they see you? I really feel like a deer is trying to be my new BFF and that fox couldn't have cared less that I was there.

Dear NB Medicare:

We're fighting.

You bitch-slapped me for going around to doctor's offices trying to get on someone's patient list and then told me magical stories about how the Patient Registry List is the non-stressful way to get a doctor in New Brunswick.

Well NB Medicare, are you feeling warm? You should because your pants are on FIRE you big LIAR-pants!

I have learned of your deception and will be taking matters into my own hands.

You suck.

ps. You're lucky you're not a real person because I would be plotting...(insert evil laugh and finger strumming).

Amazing TV movies

My first morning alone in 3 days...boo.

The holiday weekend was so nice! Marc spent a lot of time outside puttering around and now we have 2 hammocks in the forest! I was able to study and swing at the same time and it was just great!

I reviewed my notes this morning and am now watching a fantastic made-for-tv movie called, "The Party Never Stops." It was really hard to decide though, as there was also, "To be Fat Like Me." There really is nothing like a great TV movie. So bad that it becomes wonderful. Plus, you can do the dishes, let the dogs out, or have a shower and can come back and still be able to know what's going on. I also love how it seems to be the same few leading ladies and gentlemen in each flick. These poor saps force their way through fairly awful dialogue - with a token love scene, whether it makes sense or not - and lots of generic ominous music. A nice way to start my week really.

So far, the lead character has just gone off to college for the first time and is getting caught up in the world of underaged drinking! I predict a car accident of some kind, failing grades and an emergency and unexpected arrival of her mother. The mother is played by the baby momma from "3 Men and a Little Baby/Lady" and it's suffice to say that she has misplaced her talent. Hopefully she'll find it soon, but I don't think it will be by the end of the movie.

So good.


Dear Jacks:

Please create a half pizza/half poutine combo. Charge $5 for it. I feel it will forever change the apres-bar food market.

You're welcome.

Shameless Saturdays

Last night was the revival of girls' night with the added bonus of Shameless playing at Dolan's. Naturally, the night started out on Libby's deck and then slowly migrated downtown. The night got cranked up a notch with the addition of a really fantastic surprise bag of candy. You know, those bags that are filled with a bunch of basically the same candy, but it's way more fun because it's a surprise! It's like a mini-non-Christmas-stocking experience and it's awesome! Inside, with the usual candy assortment of sours and sweets, there was the best toy ever.

A red-lip kazoo.

It made a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzING noise and when accompanied with a hearty fist swing (not to be confused with the fist pump) suddenly made every joke funnier. There was a bit of a learning curve, as I had to be prepared all the time. I'm not going to lie, it was a high-workload position and then I got bumped. Well, not really bumped. More like forcibly retired.

Then, somehow, the red-lipped wonder kazoo was lost. It was a short-lived affair, but definitely added to the "prop story" memory file.

Another hightlight included having two sexy ladies frisk the lint right off of me in the kitchen. Oh yeah. That was nice.

A great night out!


Lost and Found

Yesterday was just a fantastic day! We went to Kingswood to play their executive 9-hole course and had a great time. I will say that this particular executive course was not so great, but it was so nice to just be outside in the sunshine! Our next round will be at Mactaquac, I think, where the twilight rounds for the 18-hole course are comparable to Kingswood's 9-hole. The pro-shop at Kingwood had some pretty great stuff though. Amazingly colourful argyle hats for women and the coolest golf shoes I've ever seen. They're zebra striped on the sides. Oh yeah. My fingers are crossed that they'll have them stocked for a while, as they've now appeared on the "Once the house sells" list.

Then we came home and watched the movie Valentine's Day. We had no expectations for it, and it ended up being surprisingly funny! Except for Anne Hathaway...obviously. I feel like Little Miss Annie would be a nice person to hang out with, but I find her seriously irritating when she tries to act. Plus, she was coupled up with Topher Grace's character, which I was scared would ruin him for me, as she is just awful. Luckily, it came close, but Topher emerged from the movie with his beautiful image intact.

Seriously though. Anne Hathaway as a phone sex operator? No.
Who would ever cast her in that role? Fired. I would fire everyone.
I was so disappointed when she was cast in the Devil Wears Prada, and frankly, she didn't disappoint my disappointment. It's not like she's the worst actress ever, but I just can't take her seriously when she tries to be another person.

The rest of the cast was movie was great though! I absolutely recommend it!

The BEST, and I mean B!E!S!T! part of the day was when we were looking in our golf bags for balls at the end of our street. We pulled over at the post boxes and started rummaging to see if we had to turn around. We found lots of balls...aaaaaannnnnnnddddddd..........my Lanvin sunglasses that I've been looking for forever!! FOREVER!! Well, since we moved anyway. I thought they were gonners, but they're back in full effect! I love these sunglasses!! Now I'm only missing a pair of boots from the move, which I suspect may actually be back in the Wood. I'm so excited that it's sunny today because I get to wear my newly found glasses!! woot woot!


Air Humping

Friday morning! Not a cloud in the sky and the birds are in full force (Dear Nature: Please shut up until 7am). The boys are playing with their current favourite toy - an unstuffed long snake probably meant for a Great Dane or something. Pickle will be in charge of the snake and Pepi will just grab the end and hump. The real entertainment though, is when Pickle has gotten the snake away, but Pepi will just keep humping the air around him...with his lazy eye wandering a little to the left. Just glorious! I really do love the air hump.

Why am I up so early, you ask? Well, today is our 2 year wedding anniversary and I woke up early to make Marc pancakes so he remembered why he decided to hitch his wagon to my cart. Or, do I hitch my wagon to his cart? Whatever way, a hot breakfast was a bit hit and it made me happy to do it. Although now it's very early and I have a lot of time to kill before he gets home.

To celebrate, we're going to play a little golf this afternoon and then get a little drunk off cheap champagne tonight. My fingers are crossed for another pantless Guitar Hero session. Frankly though, I'm impressed that we both remembered as there have been a few anniversaries (pre-wedding) that we just plain forgot about. High-five!


Dear Simon Cowell:

Your veneers are frightening. Especially in HD. I'm for sure going to have nightmares about a well-manicured British shark tonight.

Haha! That made me think of the shark attacking the furby in Madagascar II. Bahaha! That furby is my favourite!

It's all better now.

But seriously Simon. Watch that Friends episode and make a dental appointment. Or drink a lot of coffee. Whatever works man, cause you don't want to be that guy.

Nurse Jackie

It's Thursday morning, which means I just watched the newest episodes of Nurse Jackie & the United States of Tara. I love these two shows. Nurse Jackie has got to be one of best new shows out there. It's not often that a show can make you laugh out loud while being pretty dark in its comedy. I love Dr. O'Hare strutting around the ER in designer dresses & what Oprah would refer to as "10-second shoes" (meaning you're comfortable standing in them for about 10 seconds). Why is it that everything sounds better in a foreign accent? I was once told that my Canadian accent was "rude," which I still don't really understand. Although, the person who told me this was a 1,000 year old French lady who nobody seemed to like, so I guess I should really take it with a grain of salt. In fact, that whole French family was a bowl full of nutters. The mother of the family decided that the friend I was traveling with needed a small tutorial on how to operate the light switch and then, when we asked if we could help preparing dinner, proceeded to ask us to sweep the floor with a hand sweeper and pan. We were 23 years old and it was one of the funniest 2 weeks I've ever had. They also had the most marvelous cookies that I force my mother to buy for me whenever she's in France. They're called Langues des Chats and they just about melt in your mouth.

Well, shut the front door (ha! told you I use it in real life - did you smile?)! I just googled how to spell 'langues' (turns out I was right - bam!) and it took me to a site where there's a recipe! If this recipe is right, there's a good chance that I'll have to bypass bikini season. Insanely amazing discovery!

US of T is getting a little bland, but I'm hoping it makes a comeback soon. I will continue to watch it though because of Aiden. Well, that's not his name in this show (in fact, I'm not really sure what his character's name is), but for anyone who loves Sex and the City - he will always be Aiden. He was a naughty boy this episode and I like it when he's naughty. And shirtless (happened twice!). I am beyond excited to see him in the new SATC movie. He looks like a bronzed god in the previews and is the primary reason I'll be lining up on opening day. He just gets hotter as time moves on, and really cranked it up a notch after his haircut/small makeover when he made his sequel appearance in the series.


So it begins.

Since I have lots of spare time on my hands lately, I figured it was about time I stopped bothering friends and family with inane/incessant emails throughout the day and find another outlet. I've seen some friends get into the blogging world, so I decided to give it a go myself.

I've recently acquired the saying, Well, shut the front door because I feel like it pretty much explains my take on things. I used to use the F-bomb a lot and decided that I needed to clean it up. Well...truth be told, it was my partner who pointed out that I'd taken a turn down potty-mouth lane, but once he brought it to my attention I found that I really was overusing the word (to be fair though, it's like, the best word ever because it can be a noun, a verb, basically anything...see, this is why I had to stop). Anyway, I made a conscience effort to replace all my F-bombs with 'Well, shut the front door!' This usually makes me laugh out loud and there's often a huge giggle from someone who hasn't heard it before (not that I am taking credit, at all, for the saying). In fact, it's even served me as a fantastic ice-breaker. Now I only use the F-bomb when it's really appropriate. You know, like when you stub your toe and just can't stop walking, or when one of your furry babies escapes from the very sophisticated electric fence you just installed to go after a jackrabbit that they have no hope in catching. Mostly now though, I've pretty much fazed it out and thought it was a great name for my shiny new blog.

See, this is what I'm talking about. A whole huge paragraph just about one sentence. I can feel the economy moving faster now that I am no longer distracting its efficient-before-me employees. Seriously. Is the recession over yet? I feel bad...(haha, not really).

Moving on.

So I think I'll be treating this blog like I've been treating those who have humoured me in trying to fill my day before Marc gets home. A little bit of an everyday diary and a dash of random thoughts that may or may not be related to anybody else's reality. I suspect that there will be some days with a whole lotta posts and then some with few, because that's how my brain usually rolls.