Amazing TV movies

My first morning alone in 3 days...boo.

The holiday weekend was so nice! Marc spent a lot of time outside puttering around and now we have 2 hammocks in the forest! I was able to study and swing at the same time and it was just great!

I reviewed my notes this morning and am now watching a fantastic made-for-tv movie called, "The Party Never Stops." It was really hard to decide though, as there was also, "To be Fat Like Me." There really is nothing like a great TV movie. So bad that it becomes wonderful. Plus, you can do the dishes, let the dogs out, or have a shower and can come back and still be able to know what's going on. I also love how it seems to be the same few leading ladies and gentlemen in each flick. These poor saps force their way through fairly awful dialogue - with a token love scene, whether it makes sense or not - and lots of generic ominous music. A nice way to start my week really.

So far, the lead character has just gone off to college for the first time and is getting caught up in the world of underaged drinking! I predict a car accident of some kind, failing grades and an emergency and unexpected arrival of her mother. The mother is played by the baby momma from "3 Men and a Little Baby/Lady" and it's suffice to say that she has misplaced her talent. Hopefully she'll find it soon, but I don't think it will be by the end of the movie.

So good.

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