Lost and Found

Yesterday was just a fantastic day! We went to Kingswood to play their executive 9-hole course and had a great time. I will say that this particular executive course was not so great, but it was so nice to just be outside in the sunshine! Our next round will be at Mactaquac, I think, where the twilight rounds for the 18-hole course are comparable to Kingswood's 9-hole. The pro-shop at Kingwood had some pretty great stuff though. Amazingly colourful argyle hats for women and the coolest golf shoes I've ever seen. They're zebra striped on the sides. Oh yeah. My fingers are crossed that they'll have them stocked for a while, as they've now appeared on the "Once the house sells" list.

Then we came home and watched the movie Valentine's Day. We had no expectations for it, and it ended up being surprisingly funny! Except for Anne Hathaway...obviously. I feel like Little Miss Annie would be a nice person to hang out with, but I find her seriously irritating when she tries to act. Plus, she was coupled up with Topher Grace's character, which I was scared would ruin him for me, as she is just awful. Luckily, it came close, but Topher emerged from the movie with his beautiful image intact.

Seriously though. Anne Hathaway as a phone sex operator? No.
Who would ever cast her in that role? Fired. I would fire everyone.
I was so disappointed when she was cast in the Devil Wears Prada, and frankly, she didn't disappoint my disappointment. It's not like she's the worst actress ever, but I just can't take her seriously when she tries to be another person.

The rest of the cast was movie was great though! I absolutely recommend it!

The BEST, and I mean B!E!S!T! part of the day was when we were looking in our golf bags for balls at the end of our street. We pulled over at the post boxes and started rummaging to see if we had to turn around. We found lots of balls...aaaaaannnnnnnddddddd..........my Lanvin sunglasses that I've been looking for forever!! FOREVER!! Well, since we moved anyway. I thought they were gonners, but they're back in full effect! I love these sunglasses!! Now I'm only missing a pair of boots from the move, which I suspect may actually be back in the Wood. I'm so excited that it's sunny today because I get to wear my newly found glasses!! woot woot!

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