Not quite a Nature Lover yet

It's such a beautiful day today - 22 degrees with just enough clouds in the sky for daydreaming, I decided to get out my painting supplies and head outside. It took about 2 minutes for my first mosquito bite, then a huge ant ran over my foot and a spider ran across my canvas. To be fair, I did set up in the thick of the forest, but I didn't think I'd get bug attacked quite so quickly. After 40 minutes or so, I gave up and came inside again.

I wish that nature would just leave me alone...haha! I also had to kill a pretty big spider last night. Luckily, we have fly swatters all over the house, so you're never far from a weapon. I would love to be one of those people who aren't bugged by bugs, but I can't ignore something buzzing around my head or crawling on my skin. The painting looks good so far though. I'm trying a new technique and it seems to be working out so far.

I really like painting. It's relaxing and fun at the same time. I need to get an outfit going though. Something white that I can cover with splatter. And a hat of some kind as well. I found a hat that I really liked the other day at Le Chateau but it was $80! When did that place get so expensive? Insane.

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