Nurse Jackie

It's Thursday morning, which means I just watched the newest episodes of Nurse Jackie & the United States of Tara. I love these two shows. Nurse Jackie has got to be one of best new shows out there. It's not often that a show can make you laugh out loud while being pretty dark in its comedy. I love Dr. O'Hare strutting around the ER in designer dresses & what Oprah would refer to as "10-second shoes" (meaning you're comfortable standing in them for about 10 seconds). Why is it that everything sounds better in a foreign accent? I was once told that my Canadian accent was "rude," which I still don't really understand. Although, the person who told me this was a 1,000 year old French lady who nobody seemed to like, so I guess I should really take it with a grain of salt. In fact, that whole French family was a bowl full of nutters. The mother of the family decided that the friend I was traveling with needed a small tutorial on how to operate the light switch and then, when we asked if we could help preparing dinner, proceeded to ask us to sweep the floor with a hand sweeper and pan. We were 23 years old and it was one of the funniest 2 weeks I've ever had. They also had the most marvelous cookies that I force my mother to buy for me whenever she's in France. They're called Langues des Chats and they just about melt in your mouth.

Well, shut the front door (ha! told you I use it in real life - did you smile?)! I just googled how to spell 'langues' (turns out I was right - bam!) and it took me to a site where there's a recipe! If this recipe is right, there's a good chance that I'll have to bypass bikini season. Insanely amazing discovery!

US of T is getting a little bland, but I'm hoping it makes a comeback soon. I will continue to watch it though because of Aiden. Well, that's not his name in this show (in fact, I'm not really sure what his character's name is), but for anyone who loves Sex and the City - he will always be Aiden. He was a naughty boy this episode and I like it when he's naughty. And shirtless (happened twice!). I am beyond excited to see him in the new SATC movie. He looks like a bronzed god in the previews and is the primary reason I'll be lining up on opening day. He just gets hotter as time moves on, and really cranked it up a notch after his haircut/small makeover when he made his sequel appearance in the series.

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