So it begins.

Since I have lots of spare time on my hands lately, I figured it was about time I stopped bothering friends and family with inane/incessant emails throughout the day and find another outlet. I've seen some friends get into the blogging world, so I decided to give it a go myself.

I've recently acquired the saying, Well, shut the front door because I feel like it pretty much explains my take on things. I used to use the F-bomb a lot and decided that I needed to clean it up. Well...truth be told, it was my partner who pointed out that I'd taken a turn down potty-mouth lane, but once he brought it to my attention I found that I really was overusing the word (to be fair though, it's like, the best word ever because it can be a noun, a verb, basically anything...see, this is why I had to stop). Anyway, I made a conscience effort to replace all my F-bombs with 'Well, shut the front door!' This usually makes me laugh out loud and there's often a huge giggle from someone who hasn't heard it before (not that I am taking credit, at all, for the saying). In fact, it's even served me as a fantastic ice-breaker. Now I only use the F-bomb when it's really appropriate. You know, like when you stub your toe and just can't stop walking, or when one of your furry babies escapes from the very sophisticated electric fence you just installed to go after a jackrabbit that they have no hope in catching. Mostly now though, I've pretty much fazed it out and thought it was a great name for my shiny new blog.

See, this is what I'm talking about. A whole huge paragraph just about one sentence. I can feel the economy moving faster now that I am no longer distracting its efficient-before-me employees. Seriously. Is the recession over yet? I feel bad...(haha, not really).

Moving on.

So I think I'll be treating this blog like I've been treating those who have humoured me in trying to fill my day before Marc gets home. A little bit of an everyday diary and a dash of random thoughts that may or may not be related to anybody else's reality. I suspect that there will be some days with a whole lotta posts and then some with few, because that's how my brain usually rolls.