Tiny Sandwiches

Ok. So the next time I make bread, I'm going to make teeny-tiny buns. I've made tiny buns before, but now I'm going to make meat-ball sized dough balls and see much bigger they actually get.

Then, I'm going to have teeny-tiny peanut butter sandwiches. Some with raspberry jam, some with strawberry, and some with honey.

Oh, and some without peanut butter but with nutella.

What would also be good is that amazing Bourskin cheese with some pepperoni.

Here's the great thing about this plan. Because the buns will be so small, I could almost have one of each.

I just remembered that I forgot to buy yeast yesterday. Balls. Although - now I have an excuse for a field-trip with Marc! I love field-trips with him. He's fun.

That also reminds me of Dwight's whole speech about yeast infections....I'm so going to find that episode. Or any episode from Season 3.

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