And I'm Back...

What a crazy couple of weeks! My in-laws were here for a week-long visit and I had tests, assignments and a small bout of pneumonia to round it all off. Needless to say, I had a glorious day yesterday where I did absolutely nothing.

I'm getting a little angry at the house that's being built behind us as it's crazy loud at times and Pepi is freaking out. That dog just won't shut up sometimes!!

I think I'm going to go down for a little nappy-face before class at 1, but I'll have to corral Pepi beforehand so he doesn't wake me up with his piercing sounds!

I'm also getting really excited about Jules' bachelorette party in 2 weeks. It seems like so long ago when we were planning it out.

Man, I had garlic fingers for an early lunch and my tongue is on fire! I'll have to listerine and brush my teeth...and some perfume - the garlic just permeates everything! All right - nap time!

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