Dear Lady in the Focus:

You are my new hero.

Here's what happened.

She was stopped at a red light, you know, because that's the general purpose of a red light. Then, a police escort with some political big-wig decided that they needed to block the intersection and let the parade of cars through.

Since the woman was at the lights first, she was in the centre lane and therefore didn't really have anywhere to go, unless she was to turn down another street - clearly, she didn't want to do this. So despite 4 police officers on motorcycles yelling at her to move, she stood her ground and in response to their screaming at her to get out of the way, she yelled...

FUCK YOU! (and may have possibly given them the finger as well)

My fellow patio members and I then gave her a round of applause and she continued on her way.

I love this city.

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