My New Love

This is the greatest tea pot in the world! Amazing packaging and a functional product are one of my favourite combos! Look at the glory that is this teacozy!

I want to have tea all day! I'm sad that Marc won't be home for like 5 hours because I want someone else to see it!

I also got some other amazing stuff, but two of them are a secret because they're presents for people. The other purchase is a slingshot chicken that 'cock a doodle doo's' when you fling it. The whole chicken is the slingshot, so you have to hold the head while pulling back on the legs. Pickle wants it ssssssssooooooo badly, but it's Mommy's toy!

If you're into amazing random gifts that you don't have to pay duty on, then check out www.danabananas.com.

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