New American Discoveries

Marc and I went to the States on the weekend to get some sugary snacks. Each time we go, we wander the isles of the Houlton Wal-Mart looking for things we don't have here. This is what we found on Sunday.

1. Strawberry Marshmallows - which taste like marshmallows at first and then like strawberry syrup. We can't wait to make some s'mores with these!

2. Butterfinger bar - A flat chocolate bar filled with Butterfinger bits. Family size for $1! Again, we're pretty excited about the s'more situation.

3. Oreo Dips - like the individual crackers with spreadable cheese, but it's Oreo sticks that you dip into the icing! Amazing. Delicious.

4. Fruit Punch Crystal Light - tastes like Hawaiian Punch but no calories!

Love, love, love that we're less than an hour from these wonderful discoveries. It's a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon.

We also bought a box of Macaroni and Cheese, our equivalent of Kraft Dinner, and had an international dinner when we came home. I must say, that the Mac and Cheese is way cheesier than or Kraft Dinner, so we'll be buying some more when we go back down.

As an aside, it appears that the American Custom Officials take their job waaaaaaaay to seriously while the Canadian Customs Officers crack jokes and forget to ask you for your passport...or check that you're not bringing back contraband.

I heart Canadians.

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