Police Logistics

The G-20 was a total shit show. Way more intense than I ever thought it would be. Huge barricades, highway closures and an unavoidably dense police force...followed by riots, firebombing of police cruisers and a tonne of downtown destruction. Blah, blah, blah. I'm allowed to be surprised because I don't pay much attention to world news. However, I'd expect my elected officials to be slightly more in the know. So how come nobody saw that mayhem coming?

Anyway, there was a fairly memorable thing we saw that had me laughing all weekend.

We were walking back from supper (a really delicious supper, thank you Jamie!) and saw a cluster of about 10 police officers at the SE corner of Front and Blue Jays Way, just standing around. Then, a Budget Rent-A-Truck pulls up beside them and 2 guys get out. They get to the back of the truck and start handing out folding chairs to a few of the officers. When they turned back to get into the truck, we saw what their red t-shirts said, in large white letters: Police Logistics.


Then, a new friend said they saw another Police Logistics truck handing out tiny bags of Doritos. I can just hear the message over the radio.

*squack*. Uh, yeah. This is Officer Daniels *squack* Yeah, we're feeling a little peckish and could really go for a snack. *squack* We saw Logistics handing out Doriots across the street, but uh, we're not really feeling the Nacho Cheese. *squack* Can, uh, you send a new unit with some Cool Ranch? *squack* Repeat that, central *squack* We're looking for Cool Ranch.

Way to snack instead of protecting those business. And nothing says, "Officer on duty" quite like 10 dudes sitting in a circle (which means at least half aren't watching anything at all) eating Pizza Pizza and Doritos. It looked like a typical Friday night in a suburban basement...plus the riot gear, of course. What an embarrassment.

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