So is the boredom...

Having a strange day today. I had a crazy nap. One of those dead sleeps that leave you feeling drained instead of perkier (my worst fear about taking naps). I had a crazy dream that I don't really remember, but the tone was a little facked up. I woke up about 10 minutes before I had to be out of the door, so I had to stop somewhere on the way to get some caffeine into me. It was like having flashbacks of undergrad, but instead of waking up tired after a night out, I was tired after taking a mid-morning nap after about 9 hours of sleep...and so it shall be called Senior-Flash-Forward....bahaha!!

Class was insane and full of investment lingo - lots to learn for Monday. However, it looks like I'll be cruising into the final exam with a good average - YAY! Oh, I missed it - I missed it so! I feel really good about the final as well, as I've really been studying for the tests. I'm hoping I'll just have to review instead of memorize. The final test will be multiple choice and then definitions instead of short answer. It was the professor's idea in order to make it easier. I find definitions a little harder than short answer, but everyone else in the class seemed to appreciate the change. I'm really happy about not taking the Labour Relations course later in the summer. The weather's been on a good streak again and I just want to hang outside and not worry about homework. When September comes though, I'll totally appreciate the work...so the point of it all anyway.

But yeah, so to go in a groggy fog to class that was ripe-full of information was an out-of-body experience. I took good notes, but will have to really study that stuff this weekend. I also think we're going on another cereal run on Sunday!!! LeDouf picked up a box of Fruity and Cupcake Pebbles for us last weekend (SCORE!!) and we'll get them on Saturday. I need to get some boxes for Jamie though, and next week I'll be in full-out study mode for the Final.

I friggin love Fruity Pebbles! I wish there was a shirt I could wear. Like the shirt I had when I was younger, which was a bowl of Froot Loops that - when you scratched it - smelt like Froot Loops. Seriously! Even when I washed it (gross otherwise, no?). Yes. I need to write Fruity Pebbles a letter...immediately.

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