The Terrifying Chicken...

So the slingshot chicken that I got from dannabananas didn't make any noise. It was supposed to "cock a doodle do" when you flung it, but my chicken was a mute. I'm getting a new one in the mail next week.

Because it was broken, I gave it to the dogs. They've been playing with it all day.





And now, at just after 10pm, I'm in the kitchen when I hear a crumpled cock a do----- and then silence again. It scared the crap out of me and now Pickle is attacking it with such a vengeance (the spell check just changed that. What a strange looking word!) that he's tuckered himself out and is now sleeping on the chicken...which is the natural choice when he's hoarding it from Pepi (although he doesn't seem to mind...so mellow!).

So basically, now I have to throw it out because I do not like being scared and that is scary. I'll think that it's haunted, or there's a ghost or something making it happen. Like, what happens when it goes off and there's nothing around it?

I'll tell you what happens.

I get super scared, can't sleep and generally freak out. Especially if I'm alone....like now...

This chicken is for sure being evicted.

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