Clean lather & rinse!

So for the first time in almost two years, when I washed my hair this morning, there wasn't a puddle of purple at my feet.

I love my purple highlights, but they are seriously high-maintenance and after it's retouched, I live in fear of staining our shower/towels. Yesterday though, I got the colour lifted out and now have big chunks of blonde. It's a change, that's for sure, but I love that I'll be able to go swimming now without having purple water flow off of my head and stain stuff!

Seriously. I take my own towels when I go anywhere because I'm scared about ruing other people's. Plus, the slight amount of dye that runs out sometimes stains my skin too if it's not washed off fast enough.

For those of you who are wondering, it runs out because it's a temporary dye (although made my professionals...there is no Manic Panic happening here). I long for the days for a permanent bright colour!

Anyway, the lack of run-out means that I can float and swim all I like and I can now dunk my head too (and thank goodness because it's going to be about 30 today and I may need to drive across the river for a dip!).

I will say though, that blonde looks a lot more summery than the purple. Maybe the fun colours will be reserved for winter time...

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