I heart floating, the sequel

Impromptu float along the river today was just the best way to end the day. It was swealteringly hot here yesterday, so the river was just warm enough to still be refreshing. There was hardly anybody there, but the best part was an extreme makeout that was happening when we were approaching the final staircase out of the river.

We thought it was a couple of teenagers, possibly the owner's son. When we got closer though, we noticed that it was a lady in her 30s and dude in his 40s. It was a seriously steamy session that we obviously stared at because that was the dock we were going to, and it was really funny to see a middle-aged couple (is it middle-aged at 30?) just gettin' 'er done, intense PDA-style.

Not quite as awesome as my hero, the woman floating solo with a bottle of red wine, but still a great random floating experience.

I seriously love floating! If you come here, we are going. Period.

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