I love that MTV doesn't play music anymore because...

it leaves lots of room for The Real World: New Orleans!

Every now and then, I'll start watching whatever Real World is playing during the summer, but I managed to catch the premiere episode last week and, I'll admit it, I'm hooked.

The characters they find found to do this show are remarkable. A former pain-pill addict (oh yeah, obviously the best choice after being sober for 5 months), an intensely drama-queen-ish-but-surprisingly-not-gay hair stylist, an incredibly attractive dude and then a few ladies, one of whom is hilarious. I'm watching the second episode right now and this crew of misfits haven't wasted an time in bringing the craziness level up to a 9!

It's hard to believe that I acted like that when I was 21...well, maybe not that hard. I can't imagine having those times recorded and then played to the masses though, although I would fully have submitted to the recording if I had the option of a private showing...can you imagine? It would be hilarious and embarrassing at the same time, which is my personal favourite combination of mis-matched feelings.

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