Jamie Walters

Man, I forgot all about him!

I was flipping through the channels this morning and caught the end of a vintage 90210 and - bam! - there he was.

He was the first concert I ever saw, courtesy of a birthday party at Canada's Wonderland...I believe I was 12? It was epic, man (bahaha, obviously it was, in fact, the opposite of epic, although I do remember some girl throwing her huge bra on stage. I was all like, "What stupid girl would throw a bra on stage? We're riding roller-coasters later, loser, and you could knock someone out with those things!"). You know, because when you bought your admission to the park, it included a concert from 2 - 3pm. Nothing says "artist" like having your performance sandwiched in between midway games and funnel cakes.

Also in this episode was a crazy plot twist with Kelly in a cult?! Mental. And then the cued uplifting-end-of -the-tv-special music when she was walking out of said cult? Just glorious.

But yeah, Jamie - dude, what the heck happened to ya? I can't remember the name of your first (and possibly only) hit, on wait! Is it Talk to an Angel?

BAM! I just googled that little hunch and I was right.

Hm...maybe I shouldn't be so proud about that...

Today has a humidex of 100% so I'm stuck indoors, not to be confused with the dooryard, which is outside of the house and located on the same side as the front door. Booya!

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