Oh Julie...

OK, so her outfit last night wasn't as hideous as usual, but now there's a new problem.

Her arms were so greased up it looked like she was about to rip off her dress (which would usually mark an improvement anyway) and start posing in a tiny orange bikini. This wasn't body sparkles, but pure grease. In fact, it was reminiscent for my House Committee initiation when I was back living in residence.

I was dressed up as the Incredible Hulk and, as such, my initiators felt it was appropriate to rub Vaseline all over me, hair included (I had to use dish soap several times to wash it out). It was really funny when we were out at the bar, but it should be noted that the goal of the Vaseline was to embarrass me.

So, Julie. I ask you. Why would you do the same and not expect the same result? Obviously, you can't see yourself on TV as you're hosting, but watch a re-run once in a while! You look like an oiled hot mess.

No offense.

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