Wal-Mart Pages

Every so often, when you're shopping for rolled-back prices on your everyday goods at Wal-Mart, there's a page that goes through the store. Usually, it's some staff-related issue or the request for customers to pay for the items because it was approaching closing time.


If you're lucky.

Once every blue moon, there's a hilarious page.

The first one I heard was in my 1st year of Undergrad and the page went a little something like: "Would the owner of a blue car {read license plate} please return to their vehicle? Your dog would like to breathe. Repeat. Your dog would like to breathe."

Today was another blue moon as, this morning, the overhead intercom speaker blurted out:
"Would Tim Wilnat please come to the front of the store? Your wife is here and she would like to leave now."

Best day ever.

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