Answer Me This:

How did Nicolas Cage get into acting?

Usually (I'd assume, anyway) it'd be the striking young lad with a natural charm, who would impress a casting director, which would then jumpstart a successful acting career (if the looks were backed up with talent). This is how I view the acting world, anyway, hence, my confusion regarding Mr. Cage.

When I think of him, the first image that comes to mind is Ghost Rider, where he was a little bit cute, actually, (but that probably had more to do with his jacked body and not his face), I know that isn't an accurate representation of his image. Some older actors simply lived "too hard" to age gracefully (Charlie Sheen) while others managed to get even better looking as time moves on (Mark Wahlburg and the ever-classic Mr. Clooney). Good ole Nick doesn't fit into either of these categories.

After watching my SVU, I scanned for something to watch while cleaning up my living room and stumbled upon the DIVA network, where a movie called "Valley Girl" was just starting. The info said that it was made in 1983 and hinted at similarities to "Can't Buy Me Love" (Oh - vintage McDreamy....) so, obviously, I started watching it.

So my question has become: who the hell cast Nicolas CAge as the "good-looking rebel" who the "valley girl" falls for?

He must have been sleeping with someone because that's the only way he could have gotten this gig.

Bad acting.
Bad teeth.
Bad face.

Just look at the picture above. There isn't much else to say.

Not cute to begin with (not even ALMOST cute, really) and not cute later on.

(but obviously I'm going to watch the rest of it while I wash some dishes)

*UPDATE*: Mr. Cage just won the award for "most awkward makeout scene" although I'm fairly certain that it was supposed to look "hot." It was tepid. At best. I think there may have been some tooth-to-tooth action. The actress playing opposite him didn't look too into it.

*2nd UPDATE*: I've just been informed (by a Fedora-wearing little bird) that Nic is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew.

Well, shut the front door; the world makes sense again.

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