BB Nightmare

If Ragan gets evicted next week, I'm gonna be sooooooo pissed. I'm not sure that it would stop me from watching the last few week's worth of episodes, but I seriously love him!

All right, I also like Lane, so I guess it wouldn't be the ultimate worst if Ragan got eliminated, but Lane's not nearly as awesome as Ragan.

Britney, though, can leave at any time. Her teeth are starting to freak me out a little bit because the more I look at them, the more they start to resemble Gary Busey's grill (which is, not good, obviously).

Oh, and Meow-Meow can also leave soon, as he's won absolutely nothing all season and isn't very entertaining...except for his current Penguin-suit condition, but that'll be over soon and he'll be back to being useless.

(man, I'm kind of crabby this morning, perhaps I need more caffeine)

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