Creepy Mad Men

The 4th season of Mad Men started about a month ago and it's started by hitting the ground running, which is just how I like it. I find that I don't particularly like any characters in the show (well, maybe Peggy) because, frankly, none of them seem to be good people. However, that's what makes the show so captivating!

Marc and I were watching the 3rd episode and a creepy little-kid character from the 3rd season made an appearance. His name is Glen and he is the scariest/creepiest little boy EVER!

He is two and a half steps away from becoming a psycho stalker and makes me uncomfortable. He doesn't seem to have facial expressions and (I think he's supposed to be 12 or so) he seems to know an awful lot about his mother's sex life...plus, he's kind of obsessed with the Draper girls.

His bug eyes have haunted my mind ever since and I'm hoping that his family moves away or something because I feel like he's just getting the creep-fest started.

For instance, he broke into their house and egged everyone's beds except the daughter's and only an off-balanced little kid would do something like that. I predict that this situation is only going to get worse...but hopefully will be over soon without anything awful happening.

But this is a show about awful things that less-than-wonderful people do, so I should just stop expecting some type of happy ending, but I can't help it.

I'm an optimist.

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