Dear Axe:

Just when I thought that your marketing campaigns couldn't get more obnoxious, you surprised me and managed to outdo yourself in your newest commercial. The product, itself, is a fairly cool idea as it's some body spray that somehow changes into different scents as it evaporates...


Your rushed tag line in the end of the ad that says, "Women get bored easily," sort of makes my blood boil. All the grassroots, old school feminism aside, what the hell kind of line is that? I doubt that I'm the only one who's had a bone of contention with the phrase, which leads me to ask, who does your research? They should be fired on the spot, and here's why.

Hey, Axe Deodorant: Guess who buys all of the toiletries in my house?

Come on, guess!

It's ME (and I believe it's the norm in a lot of hetero-households).

Here's another question Axe, and I know that you're going to get this one super fast (or I should hope because if you don't, you're ill-informed as well as idiotic):

Guess who's never going to buy your product?

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