Dear Doyon Naturel Miel Pur:

Vous êtes délicieux.


Incroyablement. Délicieux.

It's actually not fair to other honey.

You're almost too sweet to handle, but keep to the line close enough not to be excessive. The spreadable aspect takes it to another level because you can layer it on without having it leaving little droplets on your shirt. Or skirt. Or pants. (you see where I'm going with this, I drop honey on basically everything)

We cracked open the first jar last night and already, it's a third gone. I feel like I need to hide the other one from Marc or we'll be through both jars by the end of the week (Yes, I am aware that it is Wednesday, but Marc's a honey-fiend and when I say the "end of the week," I'm actually referring to Friday, not Sunday).

Bravo, Doyon.


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