Dear Dude Waiting to Cross the Street Downtown:

I was surprised with your look, considering it's supposed to be over 25 degrees with the humidity today, but impressed that you fully committed.

It takes a special kind of guy to sport huge black leather bike boots with buckles and grommets, paired with black jeans, a black dress-shirt and then one of those skinny ties with a cow head at the top. I was sitting in my car, thinking about how hot you were going to be later (especially as you were hoofing it and not in an air-conditioned bubble).

Then, you completely blew my mind as you started to walk.

Your hand swung out ahead, as you made your way across the intersection and I could see that you were holding... a briefcase?
Like, an old-school, rectangled-leather, lock built in on the top, kind of briefcase. You couldn't have been more of a walking contradiction.

Were you going to a meeting?! What do you do? How aren't you a sweaty mess?! Why are you walking?! There are so many questions!!

So yeah, dude, if you have a chance and we meet again, I totally want to get to know your deal (unless of course, you turn out to be a total creep-0, which has about a 40 - 70% chance of happening...I'm willing to take the risk).

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