Farrah!! FARRAH!!!

How did you not see that coming?!?


For those of you who do not keep up with the Teen Mom drama, let me fill you in. Farrah wanted to sell her car, so she posted it for sale on Craigslist. Within a day, she had someone from out of state who was willing to pay her full price, plus $3,000 to ship the car to him but he'd need her to send him the money beforehand.

So I watched (alongside the film-crew!!!), helpless, as she deposited an "$8,000" cheque into a bank machine, withdrew $3,000, walked over to Western Union and then sent this douche $3,000.

She finds out that she's seriously overdrawn 2 days later.

Now, anybody over the age of 25 (fingers crossed anyway) would know that this was CLEARLY a scam, but since dear Farrah is only 17, she fell for it and got totally screwed. Although the rest of the Mom's seem to be getting better (well...at least getting by), Farrah's doing a lot of unnecessary learning.

But seriously, how could the camera crew and producers NOT step in there? It's clearly not a serious documentary and I'm sure that they wouldn't just sit back and watch her baby get hit by a car or something, right? I'm not saying that they should always intervene but obviously Farrah needs a little bit of extra help.

So brutal...and the trailer doesn't seem like it gets any better next week. I'm almost ready for this season to wrap up, but at least Catelynn and Tyler have gotten through their rough patch!

(God, I may be a little old to be so emotionally attached, but I can't help it...I naturally root for the underdog and this show's chalk full of them)

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