Filthy Cash


Someone just mentioned to me that P. Diddy had changed his name - yet again - to...

Diddy Dirty Money.

Now, that guy likes to change up his name every few years and it's actually a kind of cool idea. However, I need to give you some perspective of where I'm looking at "Diddy Dirty Money" from.

Marc and I have Sirius radios and love listening to all the commercial-free music that we can. I'm partial to "Lithium" and "90's on 9," while Marc prefers the Hip-Hop stations (note that I do not know their names). Anyway - over the course of our tri-provincial-road-trip, we noticed something funny about Hip-Hop/Rap artists.

A lot of them have names with "money" somehow involved.

Cash Money, Kas Money, Young Money...you get my drift.

It didn't take too long for Marc and I to add "money" to the list of words that we tie onto the end of a name (Pickle-pants, Pepi-face, baby-muffin), so we just about died when we heard about Diddy Dirty Money.

But that joy was short lived as I decided that I would fact-check the revelation on Google, and it turns out, it's actually the name of his new group, so it actually looks like: Diddy - Dirty Money.


And now I'm kind of mad at him, actually.

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