Griffen Fever

Forget The Beibs, I've got Griffin Fever!!

I watched Kathy on Larry this morning, where they talked about same-sex marriage. She was surprisingly eloquent and made some great points, but that's not what I wanted to share.

Before Kathy's interview, Dr. Laura Schlessinger was on and she announced her retirement from talk radio. I've read The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage and listened to her show for a while on Sirius, but eventually tired of her extra-brutal nature and perspective on certain social issues. She made some really great points that I would have never thought of (ever) but then she'd say something fairly offensive (Apparantly, she's facing some serious criticism for using the N-Bomb a million times in one call and the backlash has prompted her "retirement").

So, Larry asks Kathy what she thinks about Dr. Laura's retirement after so long and Kathy responds with:

Well, I don't really know what kind of doctor she is, like, is she a botanist? I'm not going to call her doctor, so, what do I think of Laurie's retirement...?

I totally love Ms. Griffin.

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