Par-don me?

A few of us went golfing yesterday and...

on the last hole (16th for us, but it was twilight)...

I hit a fantastic shot off of the tee...



Woot Woot!!

It. was. awesome.

There were 3 of us and we were paired up with a Dad and his daughter who he let play with us after the tee-shot (insert unimpressed face here). So, it took forever for us to actually get through the front 9, but after we dumped the dead weight, we sped through and almost finished.
The game was, essentially, brought to us by nature, which was also pretty awesome. We saw groundhogs, (and I was secretly waiting for Bill Murray to appear from behind a tree or something) a family of deer and two red-headed wood peckers.
It was a seriously great afternoon! YAY SUMMER!

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