The Real World: Tremblant

A couple of wonderful people in my life got married this weekend, on a wonderful estate just outside of Mont Tremblant. We were in Ontario anyway, so on Friday we packed up the car one final time and headed out to la belle provence. The drive was fairly painless and only included one unexpected GPS treat (a trip across a river on a ferry).

When we arrived at our rented condo, we basically lost our minds. It was the most pimpin' place ever! Killer views of the mountains, a huge living room/dining room/kitchen/deck and five bedrooms! Oh yeah, and since there were seven of us, plus one jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom, we obviously became The Real World: Tremblant.

After an impromptu Friday night party with some of the wedding attendees, we were seriously ready to git 'er done for the wedding.

Which was.

The Best.



A complete lovefest from start to finish and one of those rare weddings where it was almost impossible not to meet and then fall in love with "the other side." The groom's family and friends blended almost seamlessly with the bride's and that all added up to the fastest 8 hour reception ever. Laughing and celebrating with people who you've known for years and others who you've just met is one of life's perfect bonuses and I will always smile when thinking about the 39-hour Foreign-French-(although somehow a southern accent seemed more appropriate)-wedding-road-trip-adventure.

I currently sound like a raspy-chain-smoking-bingo-playing-senior, but will be back to normal by the end of the week. Frankly, even if it took twice as long and I was forced to take a truckload of meds that would re-swell my face... it would still be worth it.

That's just how great it was.

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