Vetos and Nominations and Double Evictions, Oh My!

After a minor 5-alarm crisis, (when we turned the TV on and some stupid football game was playing...luckily, Global Canada doesn't care about the Patriots) Big Brother was insane. If you haven't watched it yet, but want to, stop reading now.

What a jam packed show full of vetos, POH and then live voting...*sigh* I love BB.

We thought - for sure - that Ragan was going home and we were so bummed out because he was our pick to win it. BUT, then he pulled it out and BAM - won the veto and got off of the block!

Matt and Brendon ended up getting evicted and I couldn't be more delighted. For a moment, I had been rooting for Brendon because he was so hated in the house, but then he kept saying stupid things and I was, again, over him.

I'm sad that there's only 5 people left though because it means that summer's almost over! Boo!! BOO!!!

That also means that McDonald's $1 drinks are also coming to a end...

I'm not sure which one is worse.

(I'm now sitting down to watch the Jersey Shore, and it's supposed to be epic so look for that post later today).

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