Well, Eye'll Be Damned

We finally got our benefit card in the mail, so this week's full of dentists and eye doctors. I missed the magical card that saves me 80% on meds and gives me free glasses and clean teeth. So, this morning, I had a visit with the eye doc and he scared the bejebus out of me when he said that Prednisone causes cataracts. I have enough senior-crap to deal with and avoiding cataracts would be nice.

Well steroids, I finally managed to dodge one of your side effects, as it turns out that my eyesight has gotten BETTER!

I was able read the smallest line on the chart thingy and, consequently, blew the doc's mind with my fast reading of E V B L C (and my eye's apparent ability to self-heal). He said that it's not the most uncommon thing (having your prescription decrease) but I'm taking it as good news.

Just another thing that makes me a medical marvel, I guess. But the best part of all is that it was FREE!!!!


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