Worst Summer Job. Ever.

Every day, I head downtown to use the Shaky-shaky machine that astronauts use in space, to do my 10 minutes workout. Finding parking on the street can be a nightmare sometimes, so occasionally I have to park behind Officer's Square and then walk across it. I usually cruise down around 11:30, and that's when I learned of the worst student summer job, evah.

Each weekday, at 11am, about 30 students get dressed up in old-school military uniforms, consisting of large black hats, red buttoned jackets and guns. They march around, in formation, regardless of the humid/super hot weather for whoever is standing on this wooden block, surrounded by flags. The pomp and circumstance happens for the better part of 45 minutes, but every once and a while, there's also the addition of bagpipes and a small parade. Looking at the glistening (re, sweaty) faces of the poor guys (and few gals) who aren't getting much money for having to walk around looking silly and melting in the summer heat.

Could you imagine running into an "ex" while dressed like a circa 1800's soldier, marching down Queen St.? What a nightmare.

However, I've been told that they pretty much only work 4 hours a day, practicing and then the 11 & 4pm performances, so I guess that doesn't make it too, too bad.

Nope, who am I kidding? That job sucks.


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