And She's Back! Yay!

It's been a long time (all right, about a month) since the glorious Ms. Montag has Tweeted something amazing. I woke up this morning to a jam-packed PVR and was getting my cup o' tea ready for the latest baby-momma-drama with the Teen Moms, but first stopped by the Twitter-verse to see what was going on.

My eyes scanned down the Home page and then, just before 7am, I read this: 

I have sun poison from tanning too much!!! I cant keep out of the sun though! AHHH IT ITCHES AND BURNS!!!

Oh Heidi-ho, I missed you! Don't ever take a Tweet-cation again!

ps...maybe you should stay in the shade then?


  1. Oh Heidi. I've never heard of sun poison, sounds fun. It's probably a chemical reaction from the sun's rays & all the plastic in your skin.

  2. WHY am I not following her? Sun poisoning sounds epic.


  3. She's frikin' HILARIOUS (albeit, unintentionally)! Lorraine - if you Tweet, totally follow her. It's worth it.


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