Cocoa Puffs Before Bed = Strange Dreams

I've been kicking ass lately with not eating before bedtime, but last night; I caved. It seemed like a good idea (eating the Puffs), but consuming that much sugar and chocolate before going to sleep meant that I had some craz-ay stuff bouncing around in the cavity otherwise known as my brain (all right, so there's a chance I also scarfed down an assortment of other sugary delights, but the Puffs were the original culprits).

Here's what I remember:

The presence of a long-eliminated-toxic "friend," demanding to know why I cut her out, which was not pleasant. I was honest with her, via dream communication, and it.wasn't.recieved.well. I think that I borrowed and then modified Ms. Lauren Conrad's famous line of, "You're a sucky person," which is also random because I haven't thought about that show in ages.

While running away from the screaming (and chasing me) former friend, I arrived just outside some random building and started to do soccer drills (I haven't played since high school, a whopping 11 years ago *heart clutch*). I knew that she was close behind, but couldn't leave the practice until I'd scored 3 goals (when I did play, I was the Keeper, so that didn't make much sense to me either).

The main focus of the dream though, was after all that other stuff happened, and it really made no sense...


I was attempting to fly a rocket into outer space.

Now, this wasn't any old NASA rocket. No! It looked a lot like the spaceship from the movie Lost in Space, very "new age space exploration" with dials and buttons and comfy seats (but, surprisingly, no voice controls or awesome robot).

I remember feeling anxious and nervous as I couldn't figure out how to make it work, and then I looked down to see my former-friend start to climb up on the outside of the ship! She was looking a little Exorcist-esque, as she started to scoot her way up to the front, which made me start to freak out and prematurely start the lift-off.
The rocket started to move, but I saw that I didn't have enough power to actually launch, but I didn't have a choice, so up I went anyway. This turned out to be OK though because it was enough to make the friend-turned-screaming-stalker fall off and stay on the ground.
My anxiousness disappeared as I saw her below me...and then my rocket turned into a Blimp, so I spent the remainder of the dream in a calm state, floating in the air and admiring the mountainous views (although I don't know what mountains I'd be looking at, considering I'm not near any).

So there we go, proof on why I can't eat before going to sleep. Vivid and stressful dreams are not fun, but at least it ended on a high note.

Stupid delicious not-good-for-you tiny balls of wonder.

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