Dear New Shower Head:

Where have you been, all of my life?

This morning, I'd almost forgotten that we'd switched the original rainshower head yesterday, and was deee-lighted to feel a stream of pressure hit my back as I stepped inside the plexiglass-ed 'cubicle.' It's not quite 'rip your nipples off' pressure (which I've had only one experience with, in my university residence) but at least the shampoo in my hair can now quickly be washed away instead of trickling down onto my face, leading to the inevitable eye-sting-where-the-bleep-is-the-towel fit that has become a usual in my morning routine.

We've been spoiled in the past, as our former house had a double head shower. Yes, you heard me. It was a large fully-tiled, complete with bench, double-headed shower that sort of acted like a black hole as you'd find yourself completely unaware of the time as soon as you stepped through the door. Needless to say, when we arrived in our new (way-awesome-r but seriously smaller) house, we were slightly disappointed with the corner unit shower that had a single (and lonely) rain-shower-wannabe head (my mother had an actual rain-head shower that was da bomb...this one wasn't the same...at all).

Side note: What's with all the corner bathroom fixtures? The room is square, so why is everything a triangle? I am the shortest in my family at a teeny 5' 8" (ha.ha) which means that I have gangly arms and legs so the triangle-shaped shower doesn't work for me. At. all. I'm either hitting the door open with my elbows as I'm trying to wash, leaving a puddle of water on the floor; trying to balance on one leg while shoving the other against the wall corner so that I can actually shave it; and the greatest (note the sarcasm) thing of all, which is having my elbow knock against the tap that makes the water either ice cold or boiling hot.

Make it a square, people. 90-degree angles rule, anything else is for suckers. It makes it better for the user and for the general design of the room. Trust me.

OK, back to my 'Ode de Douche.'

We love you (although I didn't actually see Marc this morning, I am positive that he was l-o-v-i-n' it as well). Thank you for being so easy to install and not leaky. Although we still miss the surround-shower, this new head is a remarkable improvement over the poopy other one.

Welcome to the family!

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