Diddy'd Be Proud:

Today I voted, so that means I won't die (although Paris pledged that too and didn't vote...hm...). 

I did my dutiful candidate research and looked at what the general party platforms were before I came to my educated decision. Here's what I learned (don't be scared, this isn't political, you can keep reading):

Candidate pictures look like creepy wax figures, which is strange because wax figures can look pretty lifelike. Go figure.
Everybody pretty much says the same thing, but uses different words.
Campaign "slogans" are unintentionally hilarious.

Here's what I've seen in my district, which gave me information about candidates:

One candidate, standing beside her campaign van, which was parked in front of her campaign office, which was on the side of a major road, waving to drivers-by with one hand while holding her campaign poster in the other. So, this showed me that she's a serious over-achiever-A-type who'd probably give Reese Whitherspoon a run for her money in Election. Probably a good option.

In front of another candidate's campaign office, also alongside the same major road, is a life-size cardboard cutout of the candidate waving. It's been up for a long time and I giggle to myself each time I pass it. Then, one day last week, it was raining and when I passed the cut-out it was wearing a see-through rain poncho, complete with hood. So, this showed me that this dude pays attention to the small details. Another good option.

The other two candidates had posters that weren't horrifically embarrassing or unintentionally hilarious and after mulling it over for a few days, today I went out and voted.

As I was filling in the form, because I'm a new voter here, this total jackass came charging in (yes, he really did charge past the first 'welcome' dude). I was the only other voter there, among about 10 workers and he had all of our attention after he screamed (yes, he actually screamed), "Um, can somebody tell me what to do here?!?" Oh yeah. Mr. Important.

As the lovely voting-staff ladies started explaining the process he decides to shout, "Well, can somebody tell me about the candidates? I don't know anything about anyone. I'm just going in there, closing my eyes and puttin' an 'X' where it lands." 


This is what it's come to? Do you think that's somehow funny (ps. we live in a military-family area)? Even if that's what you're doing (voting randomly) don't tell people that?!? 


After this dazzling democratic display, we all spent a few minutes talking about how inappropriate he was (re: making fun of him) and how it was so important to do your research and make an informed decision. We went back to finish my registration and it turned out that I was at the wrong voting office (re: complete opposite side of town, apparently it matters where you vote...I didn't know that).  

Sooo...after I tumbled off of my high horse, I was struck with the question: Does that mean I'm Mrs. Jackass?  


If you're from Mingle Monday, thanks for stopping by! If not, then click on the link to find some fun new reads. It's too bad that we're not meeting in real life, because I serve wine and cupcakes to company.  Martha's recipes. Yeah, you heard me. Martha. 

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  1. You are freaking hilarious. So I am going to follow you :) Courtesy of Mingle Monday ...and totally bummed I'm missing out on cupcakes! hehe



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