Hubby Hangman

I just love decorating and finding new ways to make our home feel welcoming and super awesome.

There's a small powder room by our front door, so we thought that it'd be a perfect place to create a really fun room because that's the bathroom that guests use. After debating on colours, I was trolling online for ideas and stumbled upon chalkboard paint and it was like the clouds parted and the angels started to sing. It was perfect!

When we went to see what kind of chalboard paint we could get at The Home Depot and the dude working the paint counter hooked us up. Big time. He was super blasee about the whole thing and didn't really understand, or acknowledge, our excitement. Here's what happened:

Us: "We'd like some chalkboard paint."

Dude: "Sounds good, follow me. Say, have you heard about the magnetic primer?"

Insert long confused pause here.

Us: "Mag-ne-tic primer?"

Dude: "Yeah, it turns whatever you paint, into a magnet. So if you put it on first, you'll have a magnetic chalkboard."

Us: "What?! That's AMAZING! Anything you want becomes a magnet?!?"

Dude: "Uh, yeah. Do you want some?"

Us: "Yes."

So that was almost one whole year ago (how time flies!) and along with leaving messages for each other, and counting down days until special events, we've also thrown in a few games. Currently, we've been all about the Hangman and I just solved this puzzle this morning.

Man, I really do have a cute hubby and it was a fantastic addition to my morning (both the message and that I got it; there's nothing worse than murdering your hang(wo)man).

(ps. We live in Hanwell, just to be sure that you get the awesome-ness of the phrase)