Hybrid Baking

Yesterday was awesome, as I had lunch with a (now) 25-days-till-due-date friend who I hadn't seen in a while and picked up the last few bits of stuff that I needed to finish (re: start making) my Halloween costume.

Pre-my-current-recessionista status, I would buy a costume every year and hardly cooked. Well...


When we got married, we got some majah gift certificates for Williams Sonoma (the greatest kitchen store of all time, especially around The Holidays because they give out samples of their fantastic peppermint bark), so I ended up getting one of those pink Kitchenaid mixers and have really started to put it to good use. Since we've relocated to the East Side, I've been a busy little baker making bread, cookies, and cakes (Marc and I each hold Level 2 Wilton Cake Decorating Certificate...no big deal). The weather here has really started to change and I thought it'd be time to make a pie.

I looked through our cupboards for supplies and flipped through our cookbooks to find an easy recipie and then I found this: Manly Apple Meringue.


As you can see from the picture above, it's a hybrid between a traditional apple pie but with a meringue topping.

So, it turns out that peeling apples sucks and I'm not the most talented of pastry chefs. The meringue didn't really turn out how the instructions predicted, but I still baked it and - DAMN - is it gooooood! Marc lost his mind when he came home and saw it cooling on a rack above the oven and virtually turned on his heel to run out to the store for vanilla ice cream.

Turns out the life expectancy of a hybrid piece of pastry in this house is less than 24-hours as there's a single slice left in the white ceramic pie-pan (but writing about it, and seeing the picture may mean it becomes breakfast...mmmm...hybrids).


  1. Looks delish! I am in the process of teaching myself to bake and haven't tackled pies yet... but I have been working diligently on cupcakes! I do want to try apple pie soon!

  2. Thanks Nikki! It was a little harder than I'd expected, but I think I'll 'pie' it again (insert groan, but I just couldn't resist!). Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to make people, especially for their birthdays. Nobody ever turns down a bite-sized cake!

  3. I love baking, too, although it happens rarely around these parts due to the fact that I'm single. That means if there are fresh baked goods lying around, I must eat them all since there is no one else to help. Not good seeing as how I'm unemployed and around the kitchen 24/7! I would give anything for one of those mixers, though. I've wanted one forever, but definitely don't have the clams to shell out to get one. And so I improvise...and build up my biceps and triceps at the same time!


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