I was Tagged, Now I'm It

All right, So the lovely Jaclyn has tagged me in a 'get to know you' series. Here are my answers to her questions.

If you could go back to school, without money being a factor in your decision, what would you study.
I would love to go to some fancy-pants pastry school in Paris. I have done no research on the subject, but would assume that there'd be a myriad of places that I could attend. Being able to make my own Pain au chocolat would be the greatest.thing.ever.

Cats or dogs?
2 dogs: Pepi and The Pickle. Don't get me wrong, I love cats too, but my lungs hate them.

How many pairs of shoes do you own, and which ones are your absolute favourite? (note, the slight Canadian-spelling change)
Um, a lot. I suffered from impractical shoe purchases for a long time, pre-recessionista status and have many, many pairs that have seen little time outside my house. Last summer though, I found an a.ma.zing pair of purple sequined ballet flats - on sale - and they became my staple shoe for the summer. THEN, I found them even more on sale at the end of that summer and bought another pair that I saved for this summer (they're all sequins and don't wear well - at all).

What's in your purse, right now?
I actually just switched bags this morning because it's the first day of Fall and I like to shake it up, so that forced me to go through everything and de-clutter. So now, there's my wallet, pack of gum, eye drops, a notepad titled: Great Ideas and a cigar-holder-turned-tampon-holder (which is pink and has rhinestones on it. True story).

Be honest: How many times a day do you check Facebook?
If you'd asked me this 2 weeks ago, my answer would have been a million; I started to play 2 of those addictive games at the same time and got totally consumed. After a brief addiction, I held an intervention for myself, deleted the applications and reclaimed my life.

What's the farthest place you've travelled outside of your hometown, and why?
France - all over. It was the summer after my 1st year of graduate school and I was losing my mind. Luckily, I found it in the south of France and made it back with enough residual relaxation to write my thesis.

If you had to limit your beauty routine down to only 2 things, what would you keep?
My Clairsonic brush and Philosophy cleanser. My skin wouldn't know what to do without it.

What is your favourite quote?
I don't have a fav, but love anything from Pineapple Express and the Jersey Shore. Oh, and The Office.

All right. So the deal is I'm supposed to come up with new questions and then tag people. That's not going to happen as it's too much pressure! TOO MUCH! So, instead, I will offer the one question that I find to be quite revealing about how a person views themselves and if I want to be friends with them, or date them (pre-Marc of course).

The Question: If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?

Me? I would love to be Rainbow Bright and hang out with the sprites. And that pony. That flies and runs on rainbows. Throwing colour around the world. Ballin'!

Feel free to post your answers below.

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