International Weekend

Every few months, Marc and I will grab our passports, exchange some cash and head for the Woodstock Border Crossing. There is only one rule: only buy what we can't get at home. Then, we get to play International (insert day we go, so today it's 'Saturday')!

It takes us less than an hour to get to the Wal-Mart in Houlton, Maine, but today we decided to drive a little longer and go to the Wal-Mart Superstore in Presque Isle. Along the way, we were surprised by the many, many (many, many, many) decrepit buildings that were everywhere. It seemed like every other building was leaning-to-the-left-is-the-roof-supposed-to-slope-like-and that description could be applied to barns, houses, stores, old car dealerships and restaurants that sat in shambles along the countryside. It really added to one of our favourite car games: 'Haunted Fo Sho,' where try to be the first person to point at a place that is obviously haunted and yell 'Haunted Fo Sho!' (it's fun; trust me). The game became slightly redundant by the the end, but was entertaining enough for the ride there.

After our Super Wal-Mart experience (which, as it turns out, isn't all that super) we headed back towards Houlton and I put in the advanced request that I wanted to stop at "Saturn" to see what the deal was with all of these strange planets-on-metal-posts things that randomly appeared in the tiny towns that lined US Route 1. Saturn appeared after a little while and there was a little space where we were able to park the car. Saturn was made of pieces of metal and looked to be about 12 feet off of the ground. There was a faded-out plaque, but we could read enough of it to learn that they were, in fact, planets and had been placed on a modified scale to be exactly the length of the Solar System. They started in Houlton and went up to Presque Isle. It was 40 miles long (scale 1:93,000,000, to be exact) and claimed to be "the largest three-dimensional scale model of the Solar System in the world."

Hello, Aroostook Country? Random called, and they want their Solar System back.

How did that happen?
Who's idea was that?
Was someone just flipping through The Guinness Book and said, 'YES! Longest solar system! We can so beat that. This'll really put us on the map!'

I'm fairly sure it didn't become the raging tourist attraction they'd hoped for, but it made for a cool photo op, and now, an interesting story.

In shopping news, I got some awesome new graphic tees (my fave has Snoopy at the bottom of a tree that's filled with little Woodstocks and reads: Me and my shorties. a.ma.zing) and we discovered Oreo cookies that are double stuffed and have one side of chocolate cookie and one side of vanilla. For an indecisive snacker like myself, it makes me feel like I'm eating two different cookies at the same time and it's awesome! Marc's favourite International Purchases include Pretzel M&M's and S'more cereal (yet to be reviewed).

Man, we're such jetsetters; we went to the States AND Saturn. Paris, eat your heart out.

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