It's (Raining) Misting, Again...Boo.

If you've never visited the majestic East coast of Canada, then you've been missing out. There are one million reasons why it's da bomb. There are also a lot of things here that don't exist elsewhere (that I've found so far, anyway).

Pizza Delight's garlic fingers & donair sauce, which is a pizza crust that's brushed smothered with garlic butter and mozarella cheese, was my first East-side-unique discovery. I know it sounds like regular ole' garlic bread. But.It's.Not. The next step, after grabbing a stick of garlic-finger-goodness (they're cut into sticks, not slices), is to dip the glistening broiled-top delight into a small cup of donair sauce. Now, donair sauce is a tricky thing to explain because it's super strange. When I first moved out East for school (back in the day) I was scared of the donair sauce. It's white colour and melted-icing-texture were a little too strange for me to handle, but after one bite, the sweet & garlic-y sauce changed my life. OK, maybe it didn't change my life, but it sure introduced me to a scrumptious reason to move back.

Wow, this post wasn't supposed to be about garlic fingers, but now that I've re-read that paragraph, I know what I'll be having for lunch...This post is actually to address another East-side-exclusive happening: the rain. Just so we're on the same page, yes, you read that right. There are two types of "rain" here: hard rain & rain. Of course, the weather network isn't aware of the two classifications, so they are useless in helping plan an outfit for the day.

Hard Rain: Droplets that you can see hitting the ground. If one were to fall in your eye, you'd notice. Umbrellas and raincoats are a must, otherwise you'd get soaked. When a dear friend of mine got married a few years ago, there was hard rain during her ceremony. 

Rain: Droplets that you cannot see hitting the ground. You can look straight up in the sky and fear no eye-blurring effects. Raincoats are a must, but umbrellas do nothing because, when you walk outside, it's like walking into a steamy bathroom (minus the heat, of course). There's nothing you can do to combat the rain mist, as it will inevitably melt your make-up off, destroy your hair and force you to clean your glasses about a thousand times or risk running into something (if your perscription is intense, that is). It sucks. 

I have two fairly high maintenance fur babies who refuse to walk in hard rain but don't notice the mist until we've been out for a while. We go for a morning walk almost every day, but when they see that it's hard raining, they simply turn around and head back to bed. This is not the same with the mist, as they still insist on going... and then start to sketch out when they realize they're wet. By 'sketch out' what I mean is that the boys start darting around the side of the road, looking for cover and refusing to move foreward. They literally sit by the side of my street, shivering and giving me the 'why would you take us out here' eyes. Of course, gone are their memories of whining and scratching at the door despite my warnings about the mist, so I'm forced to either start running to get them going, or pick them up. It's just ridiculous. 

The only other place that I've encountered mist like this was when we visited Niagara Falls, and it was just as sucky then as it is now. 

So I'm just waiting for the show to begin, although I'm standing firm this time. 

We're. Not. Going.
(I can feel my resistance already starting to break down...be strong...be strong).

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