Jersey Creek

As I've just been sucked into the world of Pauly D and The Snook for the last 47-ish minutes (PVR'd, so no commercials *fist pump), I couldn't help but have a small moment of reflection as I finished my morning gi-nor-mous cup o'tea (for reals, it's the biggest mug ever).

We didn't have a lot of TV in my childhood, but when I was in high school, things changed and I became a loyal fan of Dawson's Creek. My friends and I would sit around the living room, screaming at each other during commercial breaks about how the show must have somehow been following us around with hidden cameras and microphones because it was so our lives that were unfolding on the little screen. Haters of the show critiqued the over-articulated dialogue and somewhat awkward physical chemistry, but I still find myself watching it when I find a repeat and it's easy to lose myself in the Dawson-Joey-Pacey (mmm...Pacey) drama.

So here's the question: do people feel that way about The Jersey Shore? It's all over the place, so it has to be resonating with somebody, but I don't think it's for the same reasons.

I know that one was a scripted drama while the other is a (scripted?) reality show, but they both appeal(ed) to the same demographic of teens/younger adults (although teens/younger adults of the 90s vs. teens of the 10s). Has the world changed or has the entertainment industry? Is it a chicken/egg Situation?

Where Dawson's Creek had dialogue like this (thank you, IMBD):

Pacey: Your sincerity is so appealingly sexy.
Andie: And your sexiness is so appealingly sincere.

The Jersey Shore has lines like (thank you, www.jerseyshorequotes.com):

Vinny: You look hot...you just took my breath away.
Snooki: You tryin' to smush right now?
Snooki: Wanna f*ck?
Vinny: Sure.

Has the innocence left the building? Is it a generational-thing? Am I getting 'old' because it's getting 'too loud?'

It seems like entertainment has taken an abrupt left turn into anything-goes-ville. Don't get me wrong, I love watching The Shore and am really looking forward to the fight between Angelina & The Snook, but as I write the words, I'm surprised how comfortable I am in publicly sharing how much I enjoy the world of self-proclaimed-guidos. Even with the horrific-ly bad mute-button-pushing moments of Joey Potter singing (ugh, *cringe) while on the Creek, there was still a level of mystique and cuteness that put a smile on my face in a nostalgic way. The Shore - not so much.

What would happen if you took the two and combined them?
Joey + a little Sammi Sweetheart = A heroine who actually has a backbone.
Pacey + GTL = Even hotter side-love-interest for female leads (minus the juice, obviously)
Dawson + Vinny = Cute guy bff who actually has the ability to pick up some ladies.

Do you see what's happening here?!? This is TV gold!

Somebody - write this, immediately!! 

It'll be AMAZING!


  1. You better copy-write this stuff.

    Or on second thought, don't and I'll just be over here pushing around "my" idea for this new show... ;)

    TV Gold indeed.



    Hi from Mingle Monday :)


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