My Name is Jennie, and I'm a Cereal Addict

It's just a miserable day here, which means that I'm stuck inside with two furry babies that are just wired-for-sound because they refuse to walk in the rain. I made myself some scrambled eggs for breakfast a few hours ago and, just now, decided that I wanted something more. I made my way to our pantry and started rummaging around, which led me to the discovery that I may be in need of an intervention.

There are 4 shelves in our pantry and there's 1 shelf that's dedicated to cereal, which is full, and then I looked down and saw 4 family-sized boxes of cereal underneath the bottom shelf. Just for fun, I thought I'd count them and it turns out that we have...

Fourteen boxes.

It's madness, MADNESS I TELL YOU!

Fun fact, there's only two of us that live here. No children.

Marc and I hold the belief that cereal isn't just for breakfast (it was one of unexpected similarities we found early on in our relationship) and, since moving to the East Side and being close to the border, have made specific trips to the closest American Wal-mart so we can get our hands on the really good stuff that isn't available on Canadian soil. This, combined with back-to-school savings at the local grocery stores, has led us to the current pantry-busting situation.

All that being said, I guess that I have 2 options.

1. Find some kind of Cereal Anonymous meeting to start dealing with my addiction.
2. Go to the store to get more milk.

Obviously, I'm putting on my rain coat as we speak (theoretically that is, through this blog...not the raincoat, but the "speaking"....you know...ok, time to shut up now).


  1. Serioulsy, you are hilarious. Visiting from Mingle Monday and I'm loving your blog.

  2. Oh, I share the same addiction...

  3. Thanks Rachel!

    Genesis - it's nice to know I'm not alone...


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