Shameless Friday

Friday afternoon after-work $5 martinis were the start to one heck of a night, last night. A few of us went to a local pub, split some quesadillas, drank some fruity things and ate quite a few maraschino cherries. As we sat in the booth, solving the world's problems over cheesy tortilla-wrapped chicken bits, I looked just past my animal-print loving pal and saw that our favourite cover band from the good ole' university days were playing there that night. Their name is Shameless and they're awesome.

We'd already established that it was quickly becoming the Best Friday Ever, and getting to dance to a lil' Bon Jovi and the ever-classic "Jesse's Girl," took it to another level. My large-scale accessory friend suggested that we pay our cover in advance so that we'd be able to cut in front of the line later. What a brilliant idea! Our server grabbed the stamp and three quick pumps later, we'd gotten free cover and front of the line! Woot Woot!

The night got even better as we cruised back to accessorized-friend's house and started really getting 'er done. Many, many drinks later, we found ourselves at a non-Shameless-playing establishment for a little while and then moseyed on over to dance our pants off (well, I was wearing a dress, but you get the idea).

This is where the.greatest.thing.ever.happened.

It would be probably be the same as seeing a Liger, or a Leprechan (super-random and unlikely to happen twice in a lifetime).

Here's what went down:
Shameless was playing something awesome (I can't remember the actual song, as we'd been drinking for a long time when it happened, but I can be sure that whatever they were playing was great) and this dude who'd been dancing, suddenly stopped and started to get a cranky look on his face. He looked up at the lead singer (who, frankly, has started to age at an alarming rate and should start investing some of the cover profits into laser treatments or at least a semi-regular oxygen facial) pursed his lips, and shook his head. The singer paid no attention him and cranky dude didn't like that either.

So what did he do to express his distaste for whatever song the band had picked to play?

He took out noise-cancelling headphones from his jacket, raised them high over his head like a boxing champ would do with his championship belt, and put them on, while staring the singer down.

My friends and I were frozen in utter fascination as the cranky-now-headphone-wearing dude turned his back to the band and then proceeded to flip the bird, on both hands, to the entire bar. It was one of the funnier things that I've seen and although cranky-finger-waving dude left soon after (some of the larger male patrons made it clear that his opinion wasn't appreciated) his brief freak-out-protest really added to the night.

The rest of the night included fantastic-ly delicious Apple Pie shots, almost walking into a dude fight and giving a random drunk girl a ride home who kept referring to me as her friend "Frank" (after finally asking why I reminded her so much of a guy, she laughed and explained that her friend was a girl that she'd nicknamed Frank, after Frank-the-Tank. My girls thought that was the greatest thing they'd ever heard).

All in all, a fairly awesome Shameless Friday. I loves my ladies!

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