Smelly Surprises

I had a very busy day yesterday, working on a project that I may discuss at a later date (or not...we'll see), so the day just flew by. Before I knew it, it was 5:00 and Marc'd be home from work soon.
I surveyed the fridge/freezer to figure out what we'd eat for supper and settled on a frozen pizza. The boys were restless for their own supper, and I was mid kibble-scoop when I heard my hubby walk in the door. When I turned to say "you're home!" I saw that he was holding a huge bouquet of flowers! I gave him the "are those for me" eyes, complete with an endearing head tilt before he walked over to me and gave me a kiss.
My birthday isn't until the winter, our anniversary's in the summer, he wasn't making up for anything...soooo....

These flowers were for no reason! The best reason of all!! I'm kind of anal when it comes to flowers, as I don't care for roses and prefer all-white arrangements, and Marc did a fantastic job picking them out (as always). Although there was a small lily-petal-snapping-off issue as I transferred the flowers from the paper wrapping to a vase, the rest made it into the round glass tube unscathed. It was a wonderful end to a busy-beaver day and the sweet scent that greeted me this morning was a wonderful start to today.  

Ps. the frozen pizza ended up being dee-lish! 5 cheeses!! We'll be buying that one again, fo sho ($3.65!)


  1. Isn't is nice to get something lovely for no reason?? My hubs is really good about getting me flowers every so often. Its nice to feel appreciated! And they look gorgeous!

  2. I love getting flowers! I actually got some today too! It's so great to have some for no reason. :)

  3. This is totes to make us single girls jealous, right?

    The flowers are very perty. :)


  4. Thanks girls; it was such a nice surprise and they make our little living room smell like a garden (no jealousy-provoking thoughts intended...oh wait...haha).

  5. K-money - I also want my husband (but in a different way...bahaha TMI...)


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