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After having a conversation with a newly-accessorized (courtesy of, moi) friend last night about my dreams of creating a writing career for myself, she recommended that I get me a Twitter account. I must say, that I was hesitant at first because I thought Twitter was for celebrities who wanted to alert the paps on their whereabouts, or as a means of fighting with other celebrities. Due to my non-celebrity status, I didn't think that Twitter held much for me. However, my large-scale-white-beaded necklaced pal said that it was the new means of social networking, so I signed up last night.

I was blindly searching through people's accounts, trying to figure the whole thing out when I entered Emily Giffin's name and was delighted to see that she had an account and seemed to post things on a regular basis (she would be a dream-come-true mentor as I believe she's taken good ole' chick-lit up several notches). I became one of her "followers" and then clicked on the Tweeters that she followed, to see what she was interested in. I scrolled through a lot of people that were writers, publishers, newspeople, and alot that I couldn't really decipher.

And then.

Time stood still.

It took a few beats for my brain to actually believe what my eyes were seeing.

Emily Giffin follows: Heidi Montag?!?

I didn't need a reason to love the talented Ms. Giffin any more than I already do, but I found myself having a full-out love surge for her. I can't think of someone who'd be more unrelated to a successful and published author, than Ms. Montag, so I clicked on her profile and started reading her tweets.

And now I get it.

She's hilarious (although I wonder if it's intentional)! I'm not sure on the etiquette, but these are some highlights:

I have a howler monkey in my outdoor shower!

I had a nightmare that I slept without my nose tape on thank God it wasn't true!

And my current fave:

cooking pasta, shrimp, and a cheese burger I love food! Add a little wine and vowla!

So, I've been in the Twitterverse for less than 24-hours and it's already blown my mind. What a strange thing, to be in such close "degrees of separation" from people who'd otherwise be inaccessible...

Seriously though, it's worth getting an account JUST so you can read some of the crazy stuff that's posted by people (who should really just know better).

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