Dear Christian Bale:

Last weekend, a few friends and I were sitting around, chatting about which actors are the best looking. My Rapunzel-haired-friend suggested that Johnny Depp was the top of the heap, but specifically when he was in "Chocolat." We all agreed that Mr. Depp is unbelievably attractive in that role, and it got us to talking about other actors' specific heat-inducing characters. 

Naturally, you were on the top of my list.

I have loved you since I was a young gal and only allowed to watch Disney movies. "Newsies" was one of my favourites, with all of the singing and dancing off of streetlights, but you were by far the greatest thing about that movie. Then, you were in "Little Women" and became a full-fledged hunk-crush for me (despite the period costumes and non-flattering mini-mustache in the end). 

As I grew older and was able to make independent movie choices, I branched out into the world of PG and R-rated films, where I learned that I do not like anything that is scary or creepy. Many of your character choices fall into this category as your career expanded (so I missed a few) but when I saw "Batman Begins," everything fell into place (yowza). I've commented before about how you made the best Batman ever and I guess that others agree with me, as you've played the caped-mega-hottie-crusader twice. If I were your wife during the filming of either movies, I would insist that the costume (and voice) make it home at least a couple of times. Perhaps you are a method actor and would have done so anyway, but I cannot think of a better way to spice things up than having my scrumptious hubby (obviously, I'm speaking from her perspective here) come barging in, talking about whatever Batman would talk about, and then get in my bed. mmm...Batman. 

The funniest thing about all this (if I didn't sound like a crazed-stalker already...trust me, I'm not) is that since last weekend, "Batman Begins" was on Showcase, "Little Women" was on Slice (or W, or something) and a Tie-or-no-tie friend referenced "Newsies" (well, technically, he said that he had a 'newsboy' hat, but close enough for me!).

Um...are you trying to tell me something? If Batman Returns is on in the next few days, I'm taking it as a sign that you are somehow bugging my house so you can get more residual cheques. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind, but next time you're around planting hidden spying devices, let me know and I'll just let you in! Maybe we could have a cuppa tea or something? 

There's no need for sneakiness; we're all friends here (please ignore the life-sized cut-out, sitting at the dining room table...I kid, I kid).

(If you could leave your Batman costume for Marc though, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance). 

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